About Us

We are a collective of friends who love working together. We met in 2018 at the Ecovillage Design Education in Schloss Glarisegg (CH), felt mutually inspired, and decided to start creating courses together. Welcome to our collective “Pathways” !

We have backgrounds in Permaculture Design, Authentic Vocation, Sociocracy, Ecovillage Design, Facilitation, Conflict Resolution, Yoga, Deep Ecology, Dragon Dreaming, Collaboration methods and more…


Roos Derks

Co-Founder, Permaculture  Gardener and teacher, Event Organiser

Roos, born in the Netherlands, and currently living in the South of Germany. She loves practicing and teaching permaculture and lives off the vegetables and fruits from her own gardening since 4 years. Her ambition is to embody the knowledge and skill that enables life on a living planet, and to invite others on that journey too. She teaches permaculture courses in her home garden. Since 2019 she teaches at the yearly Ecovillage Design Education. She also organizes events, such as the Dragon Seed Camp. Her heart beats for a new story: that of a positive human impact on an alive earth. Her work is to create the conditions which allow that change to happen: culturally, socially, economically. Find out more about her work and offers here.

Annabelle Schapals

Co-Founder, Nomadic Event Organiser, Group Facilitator

Annabelle, born in Germany, is passionate about creating spaces for transformation and exploration.

With an alive interest in human connection and communication, Annabelle opens possibilities for deeper connection.  She holds spaces for community building and accompanies couples and groups to move through conflict and tensions. Next to our Pathways offers, she pours her love and energy into making the Dragon Seed Camp – a magical skill sharing gathering – and the Ecovillage Design Education course happen.

Annabelle is a certified Yoga teacher, creative vegan cook and a cold water enthusiast. She loves forest runs, spontaneous dancing and AcroYoga sessions.

Her vision is that empowering individuals to manifest their dreams brings about social transformation. Find out more about Annabelle´s work here.

Teodora Radulescu

Co-Founder, Process Facilitator, Transformative Life Coach 

Teodora, born in Romania,  Swiss based, has been an active pioneer in the Ecovillage, Permaculture and Collaborative organisation movements since 2014.

Teodora is a skilled space holder and facilitator of transformative spaces. With her work, she empowers organisations, start-up groups and intentional communities to discover their collective potential and the pragmatic steps that lead to fulfilment.

She sees herself as a support of the emergence of wisdom in groups, connecting individuals with self, community and planetary purpose.

Calmly and with knowledge of human nature, culture and group dynamics, she supports organisations on their way into being. Especially when it comes to emergence, group facilitation and implementation of ideas, she is in her element.

She is the co-founder of several human-centered organisations in Romania and Switzerland, and she is know for her combined practices of Dragon Dreaming, Sociocracy 3.0, Conflict Resolution, Deep Ecology and Emerging Dialogue – with the added value of her gained experience from living and traveling in Ecovillages since 2015.