Pathways of Regeneration

Past course: 15th - 26th June, 2022, Germany

Permaculture, Authentic Vocation and Community Building

We believe in regenerative practices that deeply heal and revive, rather than merely sustain the status quo. In this Youth Exchange we will explore the ways in which we can make a meaningful change with our life paths for the wellbeing of ourselves,
our communities and our planet.


We welcome participants from the Netherlands, Spain, Romania and Germany between 18-30 years old. If you are above the age range and would still like to participate, write us an email via the contact form. Thank you! 

What will you learn?


We will learn about how to regenerate local ecosystems, support biodiversity and replenish soil, through theory and hands-on sessions in the garden

Authentic Vocation

How to navigate your livelihood in contact with your talents, curiosity and joy, while responding meaningfully to the global situation

Community Building

We will explore ourselves, each other and the group by practicing community building tools that enhance trust, connection and collaboration



In the Permaculture sessions we will dive into this design method to explore how to  bring ethical and regenerative solutions into our daily lives. How can we heal our local eco-systems? How can we support biodiversity, restore water cycles and eroded soils?

Hands-on activities are combined with theory, in which we will take a look at the workings of the natural world, how intact and damaged ecosystems affect the climate, as well as how plants, fungi and water systems can contribute to healthy, diverse and stable ecosystems.


Authentic Vocation is about exploring our individual paths of regeneration, we wish to discover our meaningful place in the whole.

Through creative exercises you will get to know your talents, your life path, and your heart wishes a little better. Together we will explore how to navigate our lives with the awareness of the global situation. How can we contribute to the change we would like to see in the world?


As a temporary community we will explore tools to connect and co-create. We invite for a truthful, open, caring and experimental field, to explore what it means to be together. Through sharing responsibility, deciding together, deep listening, heart sharing, giving feedback and much more.



The course will take place in Southern Germany close to the Bodensee. Our location is a beautiful permaculture garden, illustrating some of the possibilities of regenerative land use. The host organization Verbindungskultur started a project on this land to regenerate the landscape and bring more biodiversity.

The land belongs to a small community which lives next-door. It is surrounded by fields and forests wide. On a clear day you can see the Alps in the distance.

The activities will mostly take place outdoors, in the shade of an open tent, and in some cases (rain) in a warm cosy Yurt.

Accommodation will be in your own tent. There are compost toilets and outdoor solar showers. It will be a beautiful camp, quite basic, with the luxuries only nature provides.

Food: We will serve three simple plant-based meals a day. With love and our Schnibbeling & dishwashing support, our dear cook Beat will prepare lunch & dinner for us. You can find more info about Beat and his cooking on his website.

You will receive all the neccessary information in a detailed infopack upon registration and admission. 


This Youth Exchange is funded through the Erasmus+ programm of the European Union. Accommodation, food, and travel costs (up to a certain amount – depending on country of residency) are covered by the funding. 

The work of the organizers and facilitators is not covered by the  funding. To support our work and ability to offer such courses, we ask you for a financial contribution.

At the end of the course, we will make our costs transparent and help you navigate your donation on a sliding scale from 175 – 350€ 

We do not want money to be an obstacle for your participation. Please contact us, if you want to take part but do not find yourself on the sliding scale.



Depending on the current Corona measurements, we will follow a hygiene concept and ask you to do a Corona test before arrival. You will receive more information upon sign up in the infopack.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to host people who have serious health problems with a high risk of dangerous complications.

Applications are closed.

Thank you for your interest in this course. If you wish to know more sign-up to our newsletter or contact us via: 

info at