Holistic learning journeys for an alive planet

Our vision is an alive planet, where people are embedded in healthy local communities and ecosystems.

Inspired by community Process Work, Deep Ecology and Permaculture, we want to bring together people from different countries and backgrounds to research and experience regenerative culture in all its different forms.



Pathways Courses are for young pioneers ready to make change happen within themselves and their surroundings. Together we research and rewrite the handbook of community, regeneration and life.



Inspired by the Global Ecovillage movement and the regenerative potential of community life, we dive into community building tools and practices.



Connecting inner and outer ecology, with a strong foot in practical ways. Learning about permaculture: How to envision, plan and create an harmonious human impact on our earth?



Who am I and what aspect of the transformation wants to be expressed through me? Authentic vocation, creative expression, cultural diversity. 

Our courses offer experiential learning for personal growth, collective awakening and Planetary regeneration .

Upcoming Courses

New Course


Climate Dialogue

11 – 17 November 2023, Switzerland

New Course



17th-28th September 2023, Bodensee, Germany

About us

We are a collective of friends who love working together. We have backgrounds in Permaculture Design, Authentic Vocation, Sociocracy 3.0 , Ecovillage Design, Process Facilitation, Conflict Resolution, Constelation work, Climate, Collaboration methods and more..
The Pathway Courses are warmly held spaces for inner exploration and group exploration where the invitation is to get to the essence of your being and doing into the world.
Italy, Suderbyn Ecovillage
After the course, I feel that I have a new approach and a new experience on my actions, how to find meaning to the world, and to the things that matter. I am so grateful so have joined to course.
The Netherlands, Student, Activist
After this course I feel so much more connection with nature, with my surroundings and with myself. Thank you for the hard work and the love you put into it!
- The Netherlands, Student, ACtivist
I loved this course and feel so centered, re-empoweredand positively challenged by it. I loved seeing the three facilitators work so well together, beautifully supporting and complimented each others energy. I loved the content and processes, they were beautifully structured and helped the group into a strong dynamic. I am impressed with how the 3 facilitators hold spaces and let the group grow. Thank you for this incredible experience.
- Germany, Artist
Teo, Roos and Annabelle are creating a precious space of deep exploration into our worlds issues, starting from the understanding that inner world and being in touch with our bodies & emotion will support healing on the outside. I am very greatful to have received a space where I can explore together with a community what it means to be human in these times of transition and how we can truly build a regenerative culture, in service of the Earth.
Ana Moca Grama
- Romania, Journalist
I felt myself again, my body and mind. There was an incredible connection created between the participants, it gave me more hope about the world.
- Switzerland, Student

Our collaborators

With the help of the financial support from the European Union for non-formal education, called Erasmus+, we can offer our courses on donation, with your travel costs, accomodation and food covered. For this reason we sometimes have to work with participants in specific age ranges and countries.


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