Thank you!

For sharing your experience with us!

We hope you all landed well after a very intense, touching and also challenging week.

The closing ceremony touched us all very much – a room with a lot of love and heart. 

Please be aware that the transition from the group space into regular life might have some challenges, it might also be easy. Be open to both. It’s good to be gentle and soft with yourself, after such a deep dive.
Remember that if stress or activation comes up, you can resource the 3-sync meditation or the 5 – Holding practice.
Reach out to the community or your own network in the next few days to share, to be connected, and not to isolate yourself.
To help you connect to resource parts of your body, take a walk, listen to music or something that helps you to connect to the resourcing in yourself and help you to balance some of the activation and to regulate.
And of course, positive relationships are very helpful.

We warmly invite you to keep practicing and exploring whatever has been opened during this week and what we learned together.